Issues and Platform

  • Represent Temple Terrace citizens and their core values and ideals by listening attentively and weighing and valuing all opinions.  Strive to resolve issues with practical, efficient, cost-effective solutions and outcomes.
  • Reduce the salary inequity between the City and surrounding jurisdictions to retain experienced, knowledgeable staff – police, fire, and general employees -- and attract new candidates.
  • Pursue the City’s Downtown Redevelopment and move forward quickly and responsibly with a common-sense approach to grow the community’s business district and commercial area.
  • Enhance the City’s special events, with a priority and focus on family-centered activities.
  • Encourage and support ongoing rapport with Hillsborough County Schools to enrich educational opportunities for Temple Terrace area schools.
  • Streamline and reduce the City’s debt by focusing on sound budgeting practices and fiscal responsibility.
  • Maintain strong code compliance and enforcement to ensure the community’s health, safety, and well-being.
  • Work with the administration to implement capital improvement programs to maintain and improve the City’s infrastructure – roads, water distribution, parks, and City buildings.